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Tune Up & Virus Protection

A complete series of scans designed to detect and remove ALL infections from your system. All system updates will be completed as well as a complete tune up to get your computer running like new!  Now including one year of anti-virus protection.


Data Backup

If your hard drive crashed, panic can hit quickly when you realize all your pictures and documents could be lost. Let us recover those files and get you up and running again in no time!

$50 Standard $125 Deep Recovery

Operating System Install

If you ever have had a hard drive die you know the painful experience of installing an operating system. Let us take the hassle away, even if you do not have your original recovery media. We will install the OS, all system drivers, updates, and optimize your computer to run at it's peak performance. All you have to do is just turn it on!


Hardware Install

Be it a new video card, optical drive, keyboard, fan, or anything else, we can get it installed and running the same day.


Software Install

Trouble installing that software? Let us help. From something as simple as anti-virus software to something as complex as Rosetta Stone, we will get it installed and working for you!


Physical Cleaning

Laptops and desktops can get quite dirty over time. Let us blow the dust out, remove build-up from the fans and prevent overheating. LCD screen cleaning, keyboard cleaning, and more. Get it shining like new today!


Printer Setup

Bought a nice new printer, but can't get it working? Let us take the hassle away and make it a painless experience. Wired or wireless.


Home Network Setup

Everything is wireless these days and you will need your home to be wireless too. We will come to your location and setup your network, secure the network  and connect all of your devices for seamless streaming!


DC Jack Replacement

The charge port is vital to your laptop. Without it you cannot charge it on power it on. We can replace a broken or loose DC jack and get you back up and running like it never happened! Cost includes parts and labor.


Motherboard Replacement

A bad motherboard used to mean a death sentence for your computer. Now with our affordable service you can revive that computer you love and avoid having to buy a new new one! Parts not included and price of motherboard will vary by model.


1 on 1 Training

Sometimes what you need is someone to sit down with you and answer your questions without talking down to you. Have us teach you anything you want to know in a relaxed environment without feeling rushed. We love to help! Price is hourly.


Deep Data Recovery

Do you have a hard drive that you NEED the data from? Bring it to us and let our team handle it.


Remote Support

Don't want to drive in? We can connect in to your computer remotely and fix your computer without you ever leaving the house. Anything from a simple quick fix to a full virus removal and tune-up while you are anywhere in the world! Minimum of $25 transaction.

$50 / hr